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seven laboratory support services
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We provide services that satisfy each and every customer with our highly specialized technology, including statistics and analysis technology and know-how cultivated over many years of assisting university laboratories, big data analysis, and web analysis.


Research Support

Seven laboratory support services
Seven laboratory support services
Seven laboratory support services
Orders received by the Company No1

We provide comprehensive support from survey tabulation to analysis and reporting. Of course, you can use the system only for inputting and totaling. This service is used by universities nationwide. Our full-time staff will support you.

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  • Questionnaire design

    Survey design is a major factor that affects the results. We provide the know-how to create questionnaires that can be put to good use, including understanding the current situation through interviews, identifying issues, and deciding on survey methods, survey targets, and survey items.

  • Tabulation, Analysis, SPSS

    We provide a total service from survey design to data analysis and report writing, including questionnaire aggregation and analysis, visitor data such as POS data, aggregation and analysis of purchase history data, and log analysis. We analyze a variety of data according to the client's issues and prepare reports.

Data science

  • Data Analysis Services

    A data analyst visits the customer and conducts a careful interview. We will listen to your issues and requests, and work with you to determine what kind of analysis methods are necessary to solve your problems.

  • Sales of SPSS

    As part of our laboratory support, we also offer SPSS sales. Please contact us to discuss your needs, taking into account your budget and the system you are planning to use.

Survey system (YouVo)

"YouVo"is a web survey system for smartphones, iPads, and PCs. It can be used for a wide variety of surveys.
  • For research and study

    We have a track record of 80,000 cumulative responses at universities, etc., and can check questionnaire items as only we can, having received many orders from universities and research laboratories.

  • For business

    Employee satisfaction surveys, stress checks, environmental assessments, etc. Individual ID and password distribution is also available. Paper-based surveys can also be used in conjunction with Web (YouVo) surveys.


Secretariat duties
Secretariat duties
Secretariat duties
More than 30 years of support

We offer short- to long-term secretariat services for seminars, events, campaigns, etc. We can handle everything from receiving applications by fax, phone, or postcard, to sending out invitations and unsuccessful applications, to preparing final reports. We will take care of everything in detail.

  • Data entry

    By digitizing analog information, it can be used for database construction, dm shipping, marketing, etc. Massive data entry can be realized with short delivery time and low cost. We can process up to 600,000 items per month. We provide highly accurate data entry and cleaning services with a strong security system and environment.

  • Data management

    "We have customer management software, but we want to make better use of our customer data." This is a customer management service for companies that want to get more out of their customer data. We will formulate an optimal plan after clarifying your objectives.

Web and system development

System introduction support service
  • WEB Production

    We will listen to the business objectives of the client and propose a website that is easy to understand and use from the user's perspective. You can rely on us to manage your website after its release. We offer a wide range of production services, including site construction using CMS (Wordpress) and implementation of accessibility testing.

  • WEB Access Analysis

    Understand and analyze the current status of your website. Analyzing the current status of your website through access analysis is an indispensable service for website management. From installation to submission of periodic reports, we can meet your needs.

  • System development

    We develop systems mainly for the Web, including EC site construction, business management systems, and license management systems.

  • Hosting Business

    We can provide you with a rental server. With high security and 24-hour monitoring, you can use our service with peace of mind.