Management Policy

Corporate Philosophy
Be the company and people you need to be!
Corporate Philosophy Cycle Chart (For the realization of everyone's dreams)
Management Philosophy

1、We will create a flexible corporate structure that can adapt to the environment in order to be a company that is needed by our customers.

2、We will continue to provide our customers with the know-how, technology, and the latest information that we have accumulated over the years.

3、We will respect our colleagues, help each other, and grow together with a smile.

●Be aware of the market environment, always collect information, and develop business one step ahead of the competition. Maintain a global perspective and be aware of not only domestic but also international expansion. Wipe out dependence on specific companies, and continue to create new markets that are unique to our company.

●Always be aware of what the customer wants and provide it. In order to understand what they want as quickly as possible, we must be able to put ourself in the customer's shoes and communicate with them.

●Through our own efforts and those of others working with us, we will help, stimulate, and grow together. Each of us should understand that the development of the company leads to the happiness of everyone in the company. Create an environment where women can work comfortably and have a stress-free workplace.

Action Guidelines Basic Stance (Spirit) Practice of the Five Pure Virtues

"The five ordinary virtues are the Confucian teachings of Mencius and Confucius. It is the way of being born as a human being, and the teachings to be followed."

HUMANITYLoving and caring for people. A heart of care, gentleness.
Love yourself, love the people around you, and love all people.
Have the heart to think things through from the standpoint of others.
JUSTICEA heart that does justice. The spirit of helping others.
Having the courage to follow the right path leads to a way of life that loves and cares for others.
COURTESYRespect for courtesy and civility.
Be polite to parents and superiors, and treat others with respect.
Act with self-discipline and moderation.
WISDOMWisdom that truly understands good and evil.
Judge correctly the good and bad of people and things. To have a correct judgment and an unbiased way of thinking through knowledge cultivated through various experiences.
FAITHTrust supports all virtues.
Trust is what is gained when mind, word, and deed are in harmony and there is no lie.
It is difficult to regain trust once it has been lost due to lies.
If people don't trust you, you can't survive in society.