Active EDR "SentinelOne" will be available for sale. State-of-the-art security software can be purchased from a single unit.

Protecting Your Company from Cyber Attacks: Cutting Edge AI Security

What is SentinelOne(TM)

  • Founding 2013
  • Employees 350+ (55% R&D)
  • 2,500+ customers

SentinelOne is an American cybersecurity company based in Mountain View, California. Founded in 2013, the company has more than 350 employees and more than 2,500 customers.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Israel, with three development sites around the world

  • HeadquartersMountain View, CA
  • Global Data CentersAWS US, Frankfurt, Tokyo
  • DevelopmentUS, Israel, France
Highest rating in the world (EDR)
©Cyber Security Research Institute
  • Gartner is recognized worldwide for its security product ratings.
  • Top rated in its EDR category Customer'sChoice
  • It is also highly regarded as a software with great potential.

Active EDR

SentinelOne™ is an advanced version of EDR, an active EDR with autonomous AI.
EDR detects threats at the endpoint and assists in the rapid response afterwards.
Evolution of endpoint products
Evolution of endpoint products

Strengths of SentinelOne

Ultra-fast incident response 2. Security even for teleworkers 3. EDRs that can be purchased from a single unit 4. Countermeasures against targeted attacks 5. Security that doesn't stop business Security for macOS

Why choose SentinelOne(TM)

Point 1 State-of-the-art AI security

Even if malware is allowed to enter the system, AI will respond immediately. It minimizes the damage and analyzes the intrusion route and the extent of the damage. (Active EDR)

All of these actions can be taken automatically, which is a feature of SentinelOne.

SentinelOne Demo Video
Point 2 Seamless integrated management of telework environments
SaaS-type cloud monitoring server

SOC stands for Security Operation Center, an organization that monitors networks and devices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, detects and analyzes cyber attacks, and provides advice on how to respond to them. There are other security-related organizations such as CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), but CSIRT focuses on responding to incidents when they occur, while SOC focuses on detecting incidents. This can be said to be a characteristic of SOC.
Reference: NEC website

Point 3 セキュリティ運用の自動化

Even if a PC is infected with malware, AI analysis can identify the extent of the infection and restore the PC to a healthy state with a single click. AI automates this process and provides an immediate response to the incident, thereby solving the recent shortage of engineers.

Point 4 Don't let your work performance suffer.

No delay

Constant scanning for differences only

No need to update signatures

About 1% of CPU load

Conventional AV

Delay in interrupting file operations

Regular full scan

Signature update load

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