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About Us


  • 1984.
    As a word processing school, My Business Service Co.,ltd. was founded in 1984.
  • 1985.
    Advertising agency, transition to hand-written proposal writing and proofreading services.
  • 1994.
    Mac introduced.
  • 1995.
    Increased capital to 10 million yen.
    Windows 3.1 introduced, Windows 95 introduced
    Data entry business started
  • 1996.
    Started customer management business
  • 2000.
    Web business entry
    Data entry expansion
    Survey aggregation business started
  • 2001.
    Moved office to Citrus T Building
  • 2002.
    Received regular orders for customer management services
    Formed a business alliance with Ryoyo Technology,a data entry company in Hebei, China
  • 2003.
    Start of secretariat agency business
    System development business started
    Sealing and enclosing operations begin.
  • 2004.
    Business tie-up with Town Page (NTT Tokai Telephone Directory), which became our HP production division
    Split the business into two divisions, Web Division and DB Division Hosting service started
    Started website productionOperation of market web site
    Business tie-up with Beijing data entry company "Beijing Hui Chi Communication Information Technology Co.
    Started SEO business
    Participated and received orders as a private company in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's research project against AIDS, "Internet Research Project".
  • 2005.
    Regular orders for secretariat agency services
    Introduction of SPSS
    System development for mobile phones started
    Listing advertising agency business started
    Acquired "Privacy Mark" certified by the Japan Information Processing Development Association in accordance with JISQ15001 2006.
  • 2006.
    Web standard production service started
    Began CMS production services
    Certified as an eco-friendly business office by Nagoya City.
  • 2007.
    Business alliance with Dalian data entry company in China, "Dalian Xinhua Information Technology Co.
    Participated and received orders as a private company in the "Mobile RDS Research Project", an AIDS strategy project of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
    DB Division, Web Division, Information System Division, General Affairs Division, and operations are divided into four divisions.
  • 2008.
    Expansion of in-house data server and in-house Web server
    Web server expansion and relocation
    Started area marketing business
    Renewal of privacy mark (for the second time)
    Introduced Eco-Mochi
    Established the first branch office for business expansion
    Began selling the website sales kit
    Held 25th anniversary and management policy presentation meeting
  • 2009.
    Introduction of SPSS text mining statistical software.
  • 2010.
    Renewal of Privacy Mark (for the third time)
    Registered "Customer BANK" trademark.
  • 2011.
    Contracted to operate Japan Desk in Dongying Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province
    Started production of smart phone site
    Web and smartphone questionnaire operation service "YouVo" started
  • 2012.
    Renewal of Privacy Mark (4th time)
    Started large volume data processing (CAD data modification, html coding) operations
  • 2013.
    Laboratory support service started
    Office relocation and eco-friendly business office renewal
    Office relocated to Nagoya Park Place Building
  • 2014.
    Renewal of Privacy Mark (5th time)
    Business alliance with Takusai Shanghai Network Technology Co.
  • 2015.
    Started sales promotion and marketing business in China, established ChinaSynergy Produce Limited in Hong Kong.
    Formed business alliance with Shanghai Jiading Training Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2016.
    Renewed Privacy Mark (for the sixth time)
    Strengthened information security to enhance server and software business environment.
    Signed a contract with RapidMiner distributor. Joint exhibition at Messe China Academy of Sciences.
  • 2017.
    Certified as a company that promotes the advancement of women in Nagoya City
    Started data science business
    Established a joint venture company in Dalian, China, Dalian Mugong Creation Technology Co.
    Set up a dedicated room for personal information
    Seminar room established
  • 2018.
    Image segmentation system VECS introduced
    Statistics course started
    Nursing statistics course started
    Renewal of privacy mark (for the seventh time)
  • 2019.
    Began supporting web accessibility testing
    Renewal of eco-friendly offices
  • 2020.
    Started system implementation support service
    Renewal of Privacy Mark (8th time)
  • 2022.
    Renewal of Privacy Mark (9th time)
    Renewal of Certification of eco-friendly offices as Nagoya SDGs Green Partners