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seven laboratory support services
About Us

Seven laboratory support services

Comprehensive support from questionnaire tabulation to analysis and reporting.
Of course, you can use this service only for inputting and totaling.

Solutions for Universities and Graduate Schools

Features of the Seven Laboratory Support Services

We can prepare documents for grants-in-aid for scientific research and public funding.

  • Requesting work in bulk

    Printing, Web, Data

  • Reliable business results

    Experience with many universities

  • Security for peace of mind

    To be reviewed by the Research Ethics Committee

5 Benefits of Time Efficiency
  • 1Saves you the trouble of data entry.
  • 2You can request a variety of tasks at once.
  • 3Saves the time and effort of totaling.
  • 4You can spend more time on analysis.
  • 5You can meet the deadline for submitting reports with time to spare.
当社受注実績 No.1This service is available to universities nationwide. Our dedicated staff is ready to help you.

Referrals from teachers who have used our serviceNo.1

National Universities
Osaka Prefecture University, Kyoto University, Kobe City College of Nursing, Shiga University of Medical Science, University of Shizuoka, Shinshu University, University of Tokyo, Nagoya City University, Nagoya University, Niigata University, Hiroshima University, Fukushima University, University of Yamanashi Prefecture, University of the Ryukyus (in alphabetical order)
Private university
Aichi Institute of Technology, Kawasaki University of Health and Welfare, Kansai College of Nursing and Medical Care, Kyoei Gakuen Junior College, Sapporo University, Sugiyama Jogakuen University, Suzuka International Medical University, Seisen University, Senri Kinran University, Takarazuka University, Tezukayamagakuin University, Tezukayama University, Tokyo University of Technology, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Doyo University, Toyo Eiwa University, Toyohashi University of Science and Technology, Nihon Fukushi University, Nihon University of Health and Welfare, Hiroshima Bunkyo Women's University, Fujita Health University, Meijo University, Yokkaichi University of Nursing and Medical Care, Rikkyo University, Ritsumeikan University (in alphabetical order)
The Others
Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation (RIKEN), Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Nagoya City Council of Social Welfare, National Cancer Center, City of Nagoya, Japan Securities Scholarship Foundation

Service Menu

1Survey data entry

We do the time-consuming data entry for you. You can save a lot of time.

From 1 yen per cell
Secure, highly accurate double entry Punch verify
Supports from several hundred to several hundred thousand items
We have acquired the Privacy Mark, so you can use our service without worrying about your personal information or sensitive data
Send us a sample questionnaire by e-mail and we will give you a quote immediately
2Data cleaning

Flagging of non-response data, duplicate checking, and other data cleaning services.

From 30,000 yen per set
3SPSS Pricing

We often receive feedback that SPSS pricing is very helpful.

From 30,000 yen per set
SPSS to be used for data analysis
Label pricing
SPSS tabulation and analysis
The supported versions of SPSS are 22 and below
4Questionnaire tabulation and analysis

We will perform your desired tabulation and analysis.

From 15,000 yen per survey
Questionnaire design
Basic survey tabulation

Frequency distribution tables and graphs

Questionnaire analysis

Cross tabulation
Correlation coefficient
Chi-square test
Fisher's Direct Establishment Method
McNemar's test
Wilcoxon's rank sum test
Mann-Qhitmey U test
Kruskal-Wallis test
Welch's Test
Analysis of Variance
Factor Analysis
Regression Analysis
Multiple Regression Analysis
Logistic regression analysis

Discussion comments on survey results
5Text Mining

Want to find hidden trends in your respondents' voices? Text mining gives your analysis an extra twist.

From 30,000 yen per set
Text mining is a way to go one step further into the hidden voices of the opinions and responses you receive.
We have acquired the Privacy Mark, so you can use our service without worrying about personal information or sensitive information.
6Preparation of presentation materials

This is the only presentation I want to make at the conference or report to the relevant ministry or agency.
We can create presentation materials that will attract your audience.

From 5,000 yen per page
Word/Excel document → Word, PowerPoint, Illustrator, or other software of your choice
Powerpoint document → Powerpoint brush-up
Animation setting. (Powerpoint only)

Our data aggregation and analysis experts and designers will work together to create graphs that are visually appealing.

7Report preparation and printing

The deadline for submission is approaching, and it's hard just to organize the draft of the report.
Let us take care of the compilation of your manuscript.

Please send us your manuscript data.
We can handle data in a variety of formats, including Excel, Word, and PDF.
Report cover
Back cover design
Creating a cover sheet

Other available optional services

Youvo, a web survey system for smartphones, iPads, and PCs

Accumulated 100,000 responses at universities and other institutions.
Leave the question setting to us.
Just send us the questions and start the survey.

Just submit your manuscript in Word or Excel, and we'll take care of setting up the questions and answers! You can easily start the survey.
Our proofreading staff will proofread your questionnaire for shaky characters.
We can check the questionnaire items as only we can, with our extensive experience in receiving orders from universities and research laboratories.
Survey questionnaire brush-up

Make the survey questionnaire easy to answer and presentable.

A4 size: from 12,000 yen per page
WORD/EXCEL manuscript → design in illustrator
Create illustrator data for printing
Create PDF data for output to your printer
Can also be created in Power Point.
Laboratory Web Site Development

We are now in an era of proactive output of research results. This is effective in publicizing your achievements and attracting excellent students.
If you want to disseminate the results of your research to the general public, but your university or institution's website has a fixed format and you cannot post sufficient content, we can help you solve this problem.

HTML production 5 pages from 150,000 yen
You want to make your website look good.
You want to convey your objectives clearly.
You want to send out your research results every time.
You want to send out information to the world.  →Multi-language support
You want to outsource updating only.
You want to update the website by yourselves.  →CMS implementation plan (Wordpress)
You want to obtain your own domain name.
You want to use a separate server from the university.
Search engine optimization, access analysis, video production, etc. are available upon request.
We can also publish your website on our own domain name → You can reduce the monthly server cost.

Examples of use

Case 1Data cleaning and SPSS pricing only

Please send us your questionnaire.
We will confirm the number of items, etc. and give you an estimate.

2Data submission

Please send us your data.

3Data cleaning

flagging non-responses,
duplicate checking, etc.

4SPSS value labeling

Accurate SPSS value labeling for easy tabulation later on.


depending on the number of items 30,000 yen or more

Case 2One-stop service from questionnaire production to data analysis

We listen carefully to the purpose and target of the survey.


We can make a proposal that meets your budget. Please consult with us first.

3Web Survey
Preparing the system

Logo image on the survey screen and set the color to your desired color. Provide an administration screen.

4Setting up a web survey

You will receive a Youvo ID and setup manual, and set up the questions by yourself. Telephone support is available.

5Implementation and operation of questionnaires

Monitor system operation

6End of the survey

Final report on the number of accesses, number of respondents, etc. Replace the screen with the exit screen.

7Deliver rewards to respondents.

Amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, etc. will be sent to respondents via email.

8Data aggregation and analysis

Data cleaning, tabulation, and SPSS value labeling.

Depending on the number of items 30,000 yen and up(Excluding rewards for respondents)

Complete security system

We have established an internal compliance program (practice compliance plan) for the protection of personal information, and we strive to handle and manage personal information appropriately.

We can help you with statistical analysis of big data, support for university laboratories, website planning and design, design, coding, construction of web surveys, collection and management of survey logs, administrative support, etc., both in total and in parts, according to your budget. Please feel free to contact us.

Click here for estimates and inquiries.

There are also private results. Please feel free to contact us.